Dune Coffee coming to Calle Real

Last May I broke the news about an unknown coffee shop that is coming to 5915 Calle Real Ste. A in the former home of Pizza Hut which is across the parking lot from Zodo’s Bowling. The only clue that the new tenant is going to be a coffee shop is the coffee-themed painting on the window. Reader Brianna thinks the new java joint will be Dune Coffee (formerly The French Press):

“Believe this is going to be a Dune Coffee, based on the logo which was on the window at one point. The same logo is now on some of Dune’s to-go coffee tumblers.”

Photo by The Restaurant Guy, May 2021

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3 Responses to Dune Coffee coming to Calle Real

  1. A says:

    That would be strange if Dune moved over there. They have a great location across from the Goleta Target. They’ve experienced a lot of staffing issues like everyone else over the past year, so they don’t need another shop (or a replacement for the existing one) in Goleta.

    They did just raise the prices (annual increase of 50 cents for most drinks) again though. Boo.

  2. Juan says:

    Is it real barista made crafted coffee or the usual over roasted burnt swill? Need much better coffee made by real baristas please

  3. Eric says:

    Very good news. Dune makes a great cup. They will do well in this location.