Woody’s BBQ to close after 39 years

Last April I broke the news that Woody’s BBQ at 5112 Hollister Avenue in Goleta (Magnolia Center) is planning to open a restaurant across town at 10 Winchester Canyon Road, the former home of Timbers restaurant. The new dining destination will be called Timbers Roadhouse and will have a different menu, focusing on BBQ and steaks.

Now reader Elise says she was dining at Woody’s on September 6th and was told by staff that the iconic eatery is closing down in about two weeks. I called the restaurant and they confirmed the news and said that the landlord would not renew their lease after 39 years. It is times like this when I really miss Santa Barbara’s BBQ expert John Dell,  widely known as “Rex of SB,” who passed away last December. Undoubtedly he would have had a lot to say.

Woody’s BBQ wins the “Best BBQ” award literally every year in The Santa Barbara Independent. Who will take the crown in 2021?

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11 Responses to Woody’s BBQ to close after 39 years

  1. spank13 says:

    That is a gold mine of a location…

  2. Gary Sudder says:

    The ol’ landlord wouldn’t renew the lease……heard that a million times. Good luck to all.

  3. Goodland Scott says:

    Why would a landlord walk away from the Outback Steakhouse? How long has it been and they still don’t have a new tenant.

    • Ted says:

      Actually I noticed that the sign over the old Outback says it’s leased now, though I don’t know by whom. I think I know what Rex of SB would want for this location, and it wouldn’t be pizza or burritos.

  4. Hefe says:

    I suspect a national tenant is in line for that space.

    That endcap is prime. It would bring higher rent and the space would get a major improvement.

  5. Don Lubach says:

    Another big story that affects me because I live down the street. My dream for that choice spot would be a bakery in the quality zone of Bob’s Well Bread. I am excited for the rebirth of the Timbers and wish the owners well as they focus on that project.

  6. Jen says:

    The owners are opening a new restaurant at The Timbers, hopefully they’ll offer a lot of what they had at woodys at the new restaurant.

  7. L. Butch Frounfelkner says:

    Any news of when the Timber’s Roadhouse will open? Drove by today and it looks ready from the outside. Excited for the new owners. I wish them all the best.