Vegan GreenGONE

While taking The Restaurant Kid for an emergency scoop of chocolate ice cream at Baskin-Robbins on upper State Street I noticed that its neighbor, Vegan GreenGO, was closed during business hours. I’m sad to report that the eatery, which opened at 3613 State Street in May 2018, then survived the arrest of its founder Tyler David Beerman in 2019 for activities unrelated to the restaurant, has closed. I reached out to current management who gave me this message for you:

“Thank you for your patronage. After much thoughtful consideration, we regretfully announce the closing of Vegan GreenGO on Friday August 27th, 2021. We are very grateful for anyone who has supported us over the last 3 years – customers and current/past employees. It has been an absolute pleasure to serve you with some of Santa Barbara’s best vegan food. If you have an outstanding balance on your gift card(s) following the closing of the restaurant, you can email us at All the best, Vegan GreenGO Team.”

Photo by The Restaurant Guy

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2 Responses to Vegan GreenGONE

  1. El Guapo says:

    The woman to whom I’m related by marriage is vegan so we went there a few times, liked it, the food was good for what it was, basically a vegan version of Chipotle. It was overpriced though and after Tyler’s arrest, we weren’t interested in going there anymore. Kinda sad as it was a nice option to have here in the neighborhood, but Tyler’s insanity killed the place for us.

  2. Gary Sudder says:

    What happened to another SB demise? This town is filled with folks coming and going-mostly going, they start these business ventures–pizza shops, and trendy/hipster vegan chow mein and are gonzo post 6mo or 1 year or so. Please bring back Alice’s. Good luck to all.

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