Wine Therapy moving to Haley Street

Reader Eric let me know that Santa Barbara Wine Therapy at 732 State Street has paper over the front windows. The business is under the same ownership as nearby Cruisery which continues to be open. Reader Adrian then forwarded me this message that Wine Therapy published:

Wine Therapy Is Moving: Thank You! Thank You! We couldn’t have made it this long without the support of the most AMAZING customers in the WORLD and I want to personally say Thank You. We gutted it out as long as we could and unfortunately our landlord thinks he should get every penny from when we were closed by the government during much of 2020. I disagree, so we will be moving Wine Therapy to 12 West Haley (behind the Cruisery). Of course we will still the be best dog friendly bar in SB. The move will allow us to create some efficiencies with the Cruisery but maintain the Wine Therapy brand separate from the Cruisery and Unbearable.

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4 Responses to Wine Therapy moving to Haley Street

  1. Adrian says:

    They sent a post saying they are being forced out because their landlord wants all the back rent from the closed covid lockdown/restriction time….

    The same post says they will be moving behind Cruisery

    Like loads of the people in the town, I will miss that back patio. Wine Therapy has been a good addition for a number of years now. Even if they are super strict on a no kids (including babies in a stroller rule)

    State Street landlords strike AGAIN! The owner will probably leave it empty and write the rental losses off on tax as they all do. Instead of allowing a plus operation for the town stay and like all the rest of us having to take a hit on income.

    Well past the time to fine the owners of empty shopfronts as a monthly punishment.

    • Erik says:

      100% agree! The landlords in this town are ruining any character we have/had. I don’t understand how a small business is supposed to make it in this town.

  2. LoFiGirl says:

    Some of the landlords in our town will have a fiery time in Hell waiting for them when they pass…. UGH. It sucks so much.

  3. Hefe says:

    I find it fascinating that landlords are the only ones expected to go unpaid. If you don’t pay the food vendor, beverage vendor, utilities, employees lights out. Why are they the greedy ones?

    The pandemic was particularly difficult for some business models vs others. Some thrived. Drinking establishments took a big hit for sure.

    I’m not a LL but I am a business owner. Between the 2 rounds of PPP forgiven loans and state grants there was a tremendous amount of financial support. With the modifications made to use and time frame of the PPP those not surviving are mostly due to either circumstance or mismanagement…or both. I would say not paying rent falls under the category of mismanagement.

    Or maybe this business is the greedy one?

    Think about it.

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