Via Maestra 42 sold

Reader Kim says that she heard Via Maestra 42 at 3343 State Street had sold after 21 years to its original manager. Ownership has confirmed this with the follow message for you:

My wife, Lisa, and I can’t thank the Santa Barbara community enough for the incredible, consistent support we have received since we opened Via Maestra 42 doors in December 2000, not to mention their overwhelming help during the peak of the pandemic.

Via Maestra has been my life for the last 21 years. After an incredible time of hard work, matched with unsurpassable fun and satisfaction, an opportunity to pass the baton came along. Nicole and her husband Georges are officially the new owners of Via Maestra 42.

Nicole is back! After working as manager when we first opened, Nicole moved on, got married, and had three kids. I am certain customers will be happy to see her smile again and perhaps run into her three fantastic sons.

I really believe Nicole and Georges’s enthusiasm, outgoing personality, creativity and experience are the perfect fit for Via Maestra 42, together with our loyal, top notch staff they will continue to provide the same standards, high quality products and serve the same tasty dishes people have been enjoying. For the Italian speaking folks, they will also be able to practice with Georges!

I have been dedicated to insuring a great, positive, memorable experience to all the beautiful people walking through the front door for so long. We have seen babies becoming adults, we catered their parties through the whole circle of life, we have listen to them, what a privilege it has been for us!

I will truly miss being part of the day to day life of the restaurant, the Via Maestra family, the staff. I love my customers and I will miss them enormously, especially all the ones who have made Via Maestra 42 their home away from home. I gave it all for them and the rewards have been overwhelming. I thank God for this amazing opportunity and privilege I was given.

This is a very emotional time for me but Nicole and Georges have my trust, I am confident they will only do good things and will take good care of my baby. They will lead Via Maestra 42 forward with the same level of warmth and service we have been known for. I will stand by their side in the passing of the baton to insure Via Maestra 42’s success and community involvement will continue.

I know I will not be able to stay away from their food. This time I’ll be the guy sitting down though, eating at the corner table.

Viva Via Maestra!


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9 Responses to Via Maestra 42 sold

  1. Christine_Z28 says:

    Nicole Plute?

  2. Felice Willat says:

    Thank you for your great service and food all the years you have been at the helm.
    All the best

  3. Anne Greene says:

    I can’t believe Nicole is back!!! Renato chose well! We will definitely be going by to check Nicole and Georges in action! Nicole is a beast in the kitchen and Georges customer service and wine knowledge will be a great addition! Congrats to them in their new venture!

  4. Nicole Bitar says:

    Yes 🙂

  5. Nicole Bitar says:

    Georges and I am so happy to be back. Together we wish to keep this wonderful tradition of sharing our love for Italy with Santa Barbara. We love our community❤️

  6. Gary says:

    Sad to hear Renato is moving on — but, hopefully, not leaving Santa Barbara. Via Maestra is truly a community gem. 21 years is a remarkable run in such a tough business! Buona fortuna to Renato and to Nicole!

  7. LoFiGirl says:

    Gosh, I really hope they don’t change it too much… the homemade pasta is legendary! I hate when a favorite sells. I am glad she worked there before, maybe they won’t fix what isn’t broken.

  8. Gary Sudder says:

    Love the italiano food-the pizza, the pasta, the pizza. It’s so great. We need more pizza and pasta places in SB please.