New Jeannine’s Bakery on the waterfront opens Friday

The new Jeannine’s Bakery across from Stearns Wharf had a soft opening last Saturday, serving a limited menu of coffee and pastries. Full service with a full menu begins this Friday July 16th. Known as one of the best breakfast and lunch spots in town, the eatery is located at 1 State Street, the former home of State Street Coffee, Due Lune Ristorante and Bar, Eladio’s, A & W Root Beer, and Sunny’s Hamburger Stand. Accompanying the building that wraps around the corner of State Street and Cabrillo Boulevard is a large outdoor patio overlooking Stearns Wharf and West Beach, and a full bar.

The new waterfront restaurant is locally owned and operated by the Hardey family which has run Jeannine’s Bakery since 1985. The iconic building is owned and managed by the Romasanta family, which has owned the Harbor View Inn and adjoining restaurant property since 1982.

As difficult as it may be to find parking, it’s worth it for the view alone. “This is why we live here,” says co-owner Alison Hardey. “And in this space, in this spot, you really get to enjoy it because you’re not in the elements. You’re not in the wind, you’re not in the sand, yet you get the beauty of it.”

The walls of the restaurant are adorned with numerous photos of the Hardey family. I asked about one photo of Alison’s parents Eleanor and Gordon Hardey, who happened to be visiting the bakery while I was there, and was told that it was taken at a fraternity/sorority event at the Coral Casino in Montecito around 1950.

All four Jeannine’s Bakeries are now open though the upper State Street and Goleta locations are closed Mondays and Tuesdays until more staff is brought onboard. Their outlet at 15 East Figueroa Street closed last December and will soon be the home of Hook & Press donuts. Visit

SEASIDE SENSATION: Above: manager Lalo Mendoza and co-owner Alison Hardey show some fresh-baked pastries. Below: Photos of Matriarch and Patriarch Eleanor and Gordon Hardey adorn a wall. Top photo by reader Steve H. Lower photos by The Restaurant Guy

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4 Responses to New Jeannine’s Bakery on the waterfront opens Friday

  1. Pete and Gerd says:

    Congratulations.. we are so proud of you and what you have accomplished.. We will come down to see you ASAP….. and enjoy having a coffee and something to nibble on very soon….Also to give you a hug… This location and your cuisine will be a big hit in this area.
    Hugs, P & G

  2. Barbara Thommen says:

    I lived in Santa Barbara for eight glorious years. My favorite restaurant was by far Jeannine’s.
    It’s the first place I head to after landing back in paradise. I fly in tomorrow and will make a beeline to the newest place on the waterfront. How exciting!

  3. Gary Sudder says:

    If you really travel, you’ll find that SB is far from “paradise”-although that resto is pretty good by SB standards.