La Sirena is out, Reunion Kitchen is in

On April 23 I passed the word from reader SB4Ever that La Sirena restaurant, once set to open at the Cabrillo Pavilion in the space formerly occupied by the East Beach Grill, might be in jeopardy because owner Doug Cavanaugh was recently sued in federal court over the bankruptcy of his Ruby’s Diner restaurant chain. Reader SB4Ever sent a follow-up tip that a few days after we ran the story a new sign was posted on the premises indicating that the restaurant will now be Reunion Kitchen which has locations in Anaheim Hills and Laguna Beach. A peek inside at the construction reveals that the opening is still a few months away.

“At Reunion, we believe it’s our mission to create an environment where everyone can find something they love,” is how the business is described at “A place where you can unwind over food or catch up with friends over a drink. A place to disconnect from the always connected world and experience superior service and value. A place worth talking about. Modern Comfort informs everything we do at Reunion. It’s innovative interpretations on the foods you love. It’s the skill and precision our bartenders bring to crafting you the perfect cocktail. It’s the exhibition style kitchen that allow you to see and hear the passion our chefs bring to creating every dish. It’s a design aesthetic that doesn’t distract but compliments and a belief that the dining experience should never be uptight but always relaxing, allowing you to enjoy the company of family and friends.”

Photos by The Restaurant Guy

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2 Responses to La Sirena is out, Reunion Kitchen is in

  1. jan timbrook says:

    I’m confused: the April 23 article includes a photo of a completely furnished restaurant, which one would have assumed to be La Sirena since Parks & Rec said the building was ready but waiting for the pandemic to be over. Now this post shows a completely gutted room with a long way to go before opening. Where was that first picture taken?

    • The Restaurant Guy says:

      That the building was ready to go was a quote from park & rec’s web site. The city published a photo last year which apparently was a very realistic mock-up based upon what I finally saw first hand. I figured it would be much further along considering that the first contract was signed in January 2019.