Rumor Mill

Reader Elizabeth heard a rumor from a long time Winchester area resident that the eternally popular Woody’s BBQ at 5112 Hollister Avenue in Goleta wants to open a location across town at 10 Winchester Canyon Road, the former home of Timbers restaurant. Reader Bill recently told us that the building is being tented so something appears to be happening even if smoked, savory ribs are not on the horizon. As always, this rumor might be completely false or a brilliant forecast of future events. Your call.

Photos by The Restaurant Guy

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16 Responses to Rumor Mill

  1. Ted says:

    Would be a super weird choice. That building is so far west…

  2. Ed Adams says:

    Has not been a good location.

  3. Tippy says:

    Would be a great choice if they can get it a decent price. It has great parking, a western Motif, plenty of places for dining. I always imagined that this would be a great place for an A.J. Spurs, or Hitching Post III.

  4. Ja moore says:

    It is in location that was bad for many years. Too bad it won’t be a good steakhouse. But since previous tenants left, the population has expanded west, there are several large hotels in western goleta, and more importantly, it can be seen from freeway by travelers.

  5. Josh says:

    Ugh, more sub par BBQ. I dream one day that SB will get a REAL BBQ place.

  6. Gary says:

    Woody’s is the worst. Shame Rex isn’t here to weigh in on this.

    • The Restaurant Guy says:

      I miss RexofSB

      • Graham dell says:

        Hi all, Rex’s son here. Little known fact, Rex used to perform in dinner theater at the Timbers way back in the day before he was in plays at the Circle Bar B. I’m sure that he would still be longing for legit Texas BBQ instead of Woody’s though, Woody’s was never his thing.
        I for one, would be happy to see something come back to the old Timbers. I haven’t been there in ages.

  7. Maria says:

    Well if it is true, that is cool. The owners of Woody’s are locals and I believe grew up in the neighborhood, so good to see that building being used for a locally owned joint.
    I personally love Woody’s. Those fresh cut fries and rib tips are my go to any day. Owners have always gave back to local schools and non-profits and always step up during local disasters. I love that building, we used to hold a lot of events for my kid’s school there. Silent auctions and casino nights. I know the owners of Woody’s will continue these in that space. Curious to see what they do with it. Woody’s has some cool decor. Good for them. Hope the rumor is true.

  8. Ana says:

    For those who live on this side of town and like Woodys BBQ this would be wonderful. If this happens, I wish them well and hope they have success bringing life back into that location.

  9. Hefe says:

    I think Salt Lick could open here and folks wouldn’t like it. Some things just don’t translate. That goes for lots of concepts.

    If that building was west right on the on/off ramps and overpass it would have been developed years ago.

  10. SanQuentinGuy says:

    Woody’s is pretty mediocre. Can’t imagine they will be able to successfully operate two restaurants in SB’s small market.

  11. Fay says:

    Not a fan of Woody’s but heck, if there are apps and a bar I could walk right on over and be quite content. This space has been vacant far too long.

  12. Victoria Scisco says:

    When do they start interviews for servers! Would love to be part of the team.