Fatte’s Pizza coming to De la Vina

Last week reader Brendan told us that at Santa Barbara Wood Fire Pizza, 2840 De la Vina Street, all the kitchen equipment has been shoved to one side and you can see unclaimed mail on the floor. Reader Steve H. now says that the eatery (next to Grocery Outlet) will be replaced by Fatte’s Pizza. They hope to be open by May 1st. Steve H. adds that the wood-burning oven is gone. In February 2011 the business changed from long-time occupant Pizza Hut to Nicky D’s Wood-Fired Pizza. In June 2018 it was rechristened as Lilsey’s Wood-Fired Pizza before becoming Santa Barbara Wood-Fired Pizza in February 2020.

Photo by reader Steve H.

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2 Responses to Fatte’s Pizza coming to De la Vina

  1. G says:

    If anyone on the new ownership side is listening, please open at a normal lunch hour and keep slices ready. Don’t claim to be open at 12:00, then show up at 12:30 and take an hour to heat the oven.
    Capitalize on your lunch rush grab-and-go.

  2. Gary Sudder says:

    More pizza joints in SB, also please add more hamburger places too! Thanks