The space formerly known as…

I am told that 370 Storke Road in Goleta, previously known as Zizzo’s Coffeehouse & Brew Pub and the Storke Road Drive Inn, will become a pop-up coffee shop for a couple of months so that the property does not forfeit its drive-through permit. Zizzo’s closed last June. Word on the street is that after the temporary java spot has its run the building will be torn down and the property will become a gas station, possibly a Fuel Depot, while retaining the car wash in the back.

729 State Street, the longtime home of Pascucci before the eatery moved to 509 State Street, is now the home of the Santa Barbara Urban Flea Market which is open daily 11 am to 7 pm and closed Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Reader Bill let it be known that the building at 10 Winchester Canyon Road in Goleta, where the Timbers restaurant used to be, is now being tented. “Why” is a question that has yet to be answered.

409 State Street, once under the banner for M8RX Nightclub & Lounge, Q’s Billiards and several other brands, might be the future home of Backstage Kitchen & Bar.

Reader Primetime tells me that some form of construction has started at 801 State Street, once known as Hoffmann Brat Haus, Snack Shack, Piranha Restaurant & Sushi Bar, and Rocks, though no sign is up indicating who’s coming in.

Reader Primetime also sent me an update for 4945 Carpinteria Avenue Ste. A in Carpinteria, formerly known as Crushcakes. I am told that an ABC permit application has been posted indicating that the next tenant will be Carp Kitchen and Grocery LLC.

Carp Kitchen and Grocery is coming to 4945 Carpinteria Avenue. Photo by Primetime.

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8 Responses to The space formerly known as…

  1. Josh says:

    Why would someone care about keeping the drive-thru permit active if the space will be torn down to make a gas station? That doesn’t seem to make much sense. Unless the gas station wants to serve drive thru coffee too 😀

    • The Restaurant Guy says:

      I believe a gas station requires a drive thru permit but I could be wrong (I’m not The Gas Station Guy). McDonald’s down the street from Zizzo’s tried to get a drive-thru permit and was denied but the location might have been the deciding factor.

  2. Eric says:

    Unless the plans changed, the gas station (Fuel Depot) was to be built behind Zizzo’s, replacing the car wash, not in addition to the car wash. I think a dispensary was planned for Zizzo’s but it is too close to residential.

  3. Ana says:

    I noticed a banner go up today at the old Zizzos location for I believe it said Pacific coffee.

  4. Amanda says:

    No, the new drive through coffee shop is called called The Point.