Hopping across Goleta

Edhat reports that IHOP at 4765 Calle Real in Goleta Calle Real will be closing its doors and reopening in the University Plaza shopping center, home to Albertsons and the DMV. There are a few empty spaces most of which seem too small for the popular eatery IMHO. There is one unoccupied spot however that is huge, and it used to house Pacific Sales and Rite-Aid, but it doesn’t have any windows on three sides and there are just a few small windows in the front that are higher than the The Restaurant Guy is tall (6′ 1″).

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9 Responses to Hopping across Goleta

  1. Josh says:

    I really hope this does NOT happen. I lament the vacancy there, but if I had a say, I move Best Buy to Pacific Sales, and that building should be removed to make room for a Costco Gas station!

  2. Cris says:

    If they are going to pick the pacific sales building, clearly they could subdivide it like they did with Sprouts in the old Fairview Vons space and make only a chunk into a suitable restaurant space. If there are any other openings in that center next to each other, they could always knock down the common wall like Lilly’s did.

  3. Hefe says:

    I’ve never seen an IHOP in an inline space. Be interesting to see how it lays out.

  4. Chad says:

    Yeah… it just doesn’t feel right being inline.

  5. Paulette Le Blanc says:

    FYI The Goleta DMV is undergoing a remodel – it closed 3/26 and will reopen 6/21. Maybe the DMV will take over some of the Pacific Sales space.

  6. Tony from Goleta says:

    Was at the IHOP near turnpike last week (don’t ask). One of the servers said they were definitely moving but not to the old Pacific Sales location. He said they are moving into the “ sushi place” I took that to mean the Itsuki location. Been by there a few times and they have never been open, even at 5PM. He also said their lease expires end of May but they hope to extend a few months so the new location can be built out without furloughing employees.

  7. PK says:

    I heard that rumor about the Itsuki spot too, but walking by it seems too small for an IHOP. Also, some other RUMOR flew by me that said something like Planet Fitness taking the Pacific Appliance store. Hmmm Rumor.