4 Eggs & Pizza opens in Victoria Court

4 Eggs & Pizza has opened at 1221 State Street Suite 10, in the former home of Scarlett Begonia which moved to 21 West Victoria Street, a building that once occupied Locavore Kitchen, The Nugget, Arlington Tavern, Hobnob Tavern, Epiphany Restaurant & Bar, Blue Shark Bistro, Soho, and Mandalay.

The eatery offers international breakfast and lunch cuisine including Turkish, Korean, Tunisian, UK, Vietnamese breakfast and Mexican, French and American. They also sell sourdough pizza for lunch and dinner.

The breakfast menu includes Soufflé Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Hard Boiled Eggs, Poached Eggs, Classic Omlette, Country Omlette, and Steamed Eggs. The lunch and dinner menu offer Pho, Banh Mi, Salads, and a variety of pizzas including BBQ Chicken, Garlic Chicken Alfredo, Combo, Bacon Chicken Ranch, Buffalo Chicken, Five Meat, Three Meat, Ham & Pineapple, Pesto Chicken, Spinach Alfredo, Veggie, and Cheese. Call (805) 770-5996.

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