Reader Primetime exercised his right to reveal that yoga classes by Divinitree are taking place inside El Paseo Restaurant which has been closed since the pandemic outbreak in early 2020.

Photo by Primetime

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3 Responses to Core-nitas?

  1. Deb says:

    Why? Isn’t the El Paseo’s dining area considered “outdoor dining” with the open retractable roofs? Such a shame for that beautiful building/restaurant to be closed. If it’s good enough for Yoga, why isn’t it fine for dining?

  2. k says:

    the managers of el paseo had said that.. until they could resume large parties and banquets.. it was a loss to open in any manner.. oh and no Sunday brunch buffets.. he said just cant manage

  3. dawnobrien says:

    Right On!!
    Yoga for consenting adults!!
    Mind your own business Primetime!!

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