Award-winning Chef and Humanitarian Jose Andres coming to UCSB Arts & Lectures

UCSB Arts & Lectures is offering an ongoing intimate and interactive series that addresses an in-depth look at a wide array of topics ranging from music, food, literature, environmental conservation and more. Interdisciplinary and cross-departmental, this season-long series engages leading authors, musicians, creatives and thinkers to expand our understanding of these topics and how they impact society, and to inspire the upcoming generations. To learn more about this series visit

They have lined up a group of renowned and award winning Authors, Activists, Artists and Chefs to help deliver these powerful and insightful messages. One of these speakers is the award-winning Chef and Humanitarian Jose Andres on March 14th. The hope is that through these virtual events, each speaker can inspire, educate, encourage deeper inquiry and action, create community discussion, and help bring people closer together. Most virtual events are hour-long programs.

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