Hibachi Steak House & Sushi Bar likely to close

Reader Richard let me know that employees with Hibachi Steak House & Sushi Bar at 500 State Street have said that the restaurant will be closing its doors next week. I called the eatery and a representative tells me it is not 100% certain but it is likely that operations will cease shortly. The family owned restaurant served Santa Barbara for decades as Something’s Fishy and changed the name to Hibachi Steak House & Sushi Bar in February 2017. Before it moved to State Street the business was located inside Santa Barbara’s Piccadilly Square which was replaced by Paseo Nuevo in 1990.

Photos by The Restaurant Guy

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9 Responses to Hibachi Steak House & Sushi Bar likely to close

  1. Christine_Z28 says:

    It was crap 20 years ago. I’ve always wondered how that place stayed in business so long.

  2. Jenn says:

    In the ‘80s, Something’s Fishy in the back of Piccadilly used to have a $10 sushi happy hour. It was the best deal in town!

  3. CG says:

    This is sad. Not the best sushi but it was fun to have a hibatchi place in town.

  4. FoodieSB. says:

    Sad to see how one by one local eateries are closing. The sad part is that this is just the beginning and many more will close. Fun times and fun memories. Thank you ownership and management for many years of good times!

  5. Ted says:

    Piccadilly! So long ago….

  6. Josh says:

    I hadn’t been in years, but it was definitely a staple of my early 20s going there and having hibachi and doing sake bombs with large groups of friends. Sad that its closing and future generations won’t get to have the same fun.

  7. Gary Sudder says:

    Maybe the silver bough can make a SB come back in that area?

  8. Barbara Jeanne Ross says:

    What is the status of the reopening of the Dutch Garden on State Street, Santa Barbara? Last update was December 2019.

  9. Chad says:

    Sad to see but not unexpected – the experience there really couldn’t translate to outdoor dining.