There has been a mystery surrounding Dunkin’ Donuts on upper State Street that has finally been solved. The 4-year-old business announced a temporary closure around the time “COVID-19” became a household word yet never reopened when similar businesses did. Dunkin’ Donuts’ corporate website had continued to list the closure as temporary. This changed last week when our local outlet finally disappeared from the Dunkin’ database and a for-lease sign was posted on the property.

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2 Responses to Dunked

  1. Bill says:

    I was a customer and had a DDPerks card that I added $50 and was told it was too bad no refunds. I said I could not go to LA to use the card. Their web site also says they are connected to Baskin Robbins but the card would not be valid there. I contacted the credit card company and said I could not use the product as intended and was given a refund Thank you American Express. Any one who added money to their card and could not use it might try contacting their credit card company.

  2. Gary Sudder says:

    The coffee at that chain is-was rancid and weak. It’s a northeast thing and there are FAR better coffees/cafes available around SB than a marketing schtick place with poor quality-weak coffee