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From reader JRS:

2/3/2021 BIG CHANGE…Every week we get takeout from CHINA KING in Goleta. This week we sadly found that there has been a change of management. The receipt now says “Northern Brothers”. Unfortunately, the N. Brothers do not give you white rice with your entree dish and also do not include the typical freeby egg rolls either. We were told that “Jennifer” was taking time off (?retiring?) and we wish her well and will miss- her along with the rice and egg rolls!

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3 Responses to Restaurant Review of the Day

  1. BRS says:

    Oh no, we were so sad when she sold Mandarin Palace and retired (and the quality of the food when drastically downhill, and ecstatic when she and her husband came out of retirement and opened China King. Any idea who “Northern Brothers” is and how was the food?

  2. Nicole says:

    We ordered from there this past weekend and the food tasted the same but we did notice the charge for adding white rice to the entree. We also did get the freebie egg rolls (4) so that didn’t change for us either – I think you just need to be sure to apply it to the order. I thought the food was still the same quality as before.

  3. BRS says:

    Update, ordered from China King last night and the food was excellent. I met the new owner who has been friends with Jennifer and Jerry since 2005. He has the same cooks, the same recipes and Jerry stops by regularly. What I really liked is he said “all our dishes are good, but there is always room for improvement”. He went on to say “please give me your honest feedback, and we are going to continue to improve everything we serve”. By the way, free egg rolls, and free white rice came with my order.

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