South Coast Deli coming to upper State Street

Eagle-eyed reader Geren spotted Deli Boy peeking out from behind an empty sign on upper State Street, the former home of Noemi Pizza Romana (June 2020-January 2021) and Pizza Guru (July 2006-October 2019). Deli Boy is the mascot for the popular South Coast Deli which has locations at on Carrillo Street, Chapala Street, South Patterson Avenue in Goleta, and Pardall Road in Isla Vista.

Photo by reader Geren

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9 Responses to South Coast Deli coming to upper State Street

  1. SanRoque mom says:

    There’s already one too many in Santa Barbara.

  2. Johnathon says:

    We need a nice sit down restaurant in San Roque with lots of patio seating.

    Your welcome!

  3. Marina M says:

    Is the one in Isla Vista closed temporarily or permanently?

  4. Josh says:

    Hi John (or anyone else with info) … speaking of South Coast Deli, does anyone know what the deal with the one in IV is? It feels like it has been closed for a few months now.

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