Barb’s Pies opens downtown

Last August I wrote that a “Public Notice of Application for Ownership Change” sign was posted on East Cota Street, the former home of The Middle Child, that indicated a new bar/restaurant named “Venus in Furs” was on the way from the owners of The Good Lion and Barbareño.

Reader Christine tells that Venus in Furs is now open featuring Barb’s Pies from Barbareño. A menu is available online. “Merging our sourdough baking expertise with our passion for pizza, Barb’s Pies offers extra-large oval masterpieces made with the finest local ingredients,” says head chef Julian Martinez. “Some may call this pizza blasphemy, but we just call it our own special style. Our guiding light, Barbareño, has bestowed upon us the strongest moral code–prompting us to source our produce, cheeses, charcuterie, and even flour from local farmers and artisans. That, combined with a 48-hour fermented sourdough and the power of a 650 degree deck oven brings about a beautiful rustic hybrid that gives a true taste of Santa Barbara by way of the pizza pie.”


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2 Responses to Barb’s Pies opens downtown

  1. SanQuentinGuy says:

    aye yai yai, that is the most pretentious quote I’ve read about pizza in awhile.

    it’s probably pretty good, like barbareno, but at $30 per pizza this venture may work out for them.

  2. SanQuentinGuy says:

    may not work out*

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