Beachside Bar-Cafe to close permanently

Reader Cris let me know that Beachside Bar-Cafe on Sandspit Road in Goleta is closing for good. The restaurant opened in 1985 by proprietor Dave Hardy. Here is a message to you from the business:

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that after 36 years Beachside Bar-Cafe is closing its doors permanently.

We want to thank our local community for your support and patronage through these ever changing times. It is because of YOU that we had so much success in the 36 long years of business. We share an ethereal love for our customers and have memories that we will cherish forever.

We will continue to be open for takeout roughly until the end of January/till inventories last. That being said, we have made most of our wine list, by the bottle available to you at a huge discount price of 50% off! Come out and enjoy our delicious food and drinks one more time!

From the bottom of our hearts we are forever grateful for your support through the years. Thank you.


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9 Responses to Beachside Bar-Cafe to close permanently

  1. Kenneth brown says:

    So sad to hear! My mom was a hostess here for many years.

  2. TPizzle says:

    Worked there when I came to school. Till that bastard Dave Hardy had me fired.
    Peter Crick ran the crew like Srgt. Hulka in an aloha shirt. Loved that Aussie son of a b*tch.
    Whiskey-cokes, Dave Maul, Emelda, Amy (RIP), Mr. T, Gonzo, Lynn W, Paul (cycler? acerbic bastard I thought was old but now I know was young af.) Popcorn machine, $1 shift beer, snapper vera cruz, chowder bowls, shrimp soup with your fingers and coming to work that one day without a hangover.
    I made money but more importantly I made friends. Miss you all. Another thread to the past snipped.

  3. Hefe says:

    TPizzle thats the best comment I’ve seen on this blog!

    Always loved the bar on the rare goleta excursion.

    Won’t take long for that spot to lease.

  4. JP says:

    The best happy hour spot in Goleta. This one really hurts.

  5. Johnathon says:

    This will be the beginning of many other restaurants that will be closing. My suggestion is if you like/love a restaurant then support it as much as possible, also buy gift cards and use them in the future this will give restaurants some time to catch up once they are allowed to re open.
    Good luck to all these wonderful people that are in the restaurant business. We love you all!! ❤️

  6. Deb says:

    This closure really hurts……Every single weekend up until Covid we were there at some point for their All-Day Happy Hours, fish tacos, calamari and Back-Bar Margaritas and Mai Tai’s delivered by Alex and Jake in their beautiful bar! Sometimes we’d stay for dinner and have the Clam Linguini, the best!!! Memories of my Mom loving their fresh Salmon, and always taking loved ones there when visiting SB!! After 36 years, I am so sad that the Beachside will now only be a memory. Aloha, and thank you for all these great years!!

  7. bob tucker says:

    We’ve been going there for years from Solvang…it was our personal treat to ourselves at that wonderful place with views like no other…truly sad.

  8. bob tucker says:

    What a shame…a wonderful place with so many memories…we’re very sad.

  9. Gary Sudder says:

    More closures due to us empire poor governance/incompetence. Sad, so many losing jobs etc..