Restaurants protest dining ban

Owner Gene Montesano has posted signs at Tre Lune Ristorante-Bar and D’Angelo Bakery, calling the shutdown unfair and challenging the justification for banning outdoor dining. A message outside Tre Lune reads: “We need to work. This shutdown is not fair. Safe outside dining does not spread COVID-19.” Signs posted at D’Angelo Bakery read: “Outdoor dining six feet apart wearing masks and gloves does not spread COVID-19. It is unfair to shutdown outside dining especially with no scientific evidence. Support small businesses. Bigger is not always better.”

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7 Responses to Restaurants protest dining ban

  1. Ted Mills says:

    Shouldn’t this be “Gene Monstesano Protests Dining Ban”

  2. Stacy says:

    Thanks to them for letting me know what businesses NOT to support.

  3. Stephen Coyne says:

    I have sympathy for mom and pop start-ups. I have a very hard time for mustering up sympathy for Gene Monstesano. He has money to help employees make it. He also could ensure that his businesses practice safe COVID-19 guidelines for its workers, especially after enduring outbreaks at his establishments. We’re all in this together — your generosity and support of your workers is where you should be focused, sir.

  4. Hefe says:

    Poverty and unemployment is a serious public health issue.

    Considering how CA is fairing compared to other states not fully locked down, I speculate outdoor dining is not the culprit and likely increasing home and family gatherings which is proving to be the worst spreading activity.

  5. Ed Adams says:

    I understand the stress businesses and their employees have faced for months but the scientific studies show dine-in restaurants and bars are in the top 3 locations for Covid transfer. My family loves eating out but we will not risk our lives. We continue to support restaurants via delivery and pickup. BUT any business that actually violates the shutdown will NEVER see our business again.

  6. Maureen says:

    Montesano claims “Outdoor dining six feet apart wearing masks and gloves does not spread COVID-19.” But people were never “dining six feet apart” from each other or “wearing masks” when dining. People sat very close to each other at each table, and no one ever checked to see whether they were from the same household. The shut-down is heartbreaking, so I order take-out in support, but the way restaurants operated and customers behaved when outdoor dining was allowed was not as described on these signs.

  7. Gary Sudder says:

    Complete agreement, enough of these useless “lock downs” and nonsense. Folks are losing their shirts with hype and political us garbage.