Bell’s BBQ

Reader Kip sent me an update about Bell’s Restaurant on Bell Street in Los Alamos:

“So, this is happening in Los Alamos every other week. Texas style bar-b-que where folks are lining up at Bell’s Restaurant and getting the best smoked meats and sides available in the region. This week the line was over 50 people some times. It is first come, first server so you had better get there early, the brisket goes fast. The wait in line is fun as there is a small farmers market and coffee served.”

Bell’s is a New French eatery started in 2018 by Chef Daisy Ryan and her husband, Gregory, who have created a place that feels familiar and offering farm-fresh cuisine.


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3 Responses to Bell’s BBQ

  1. Ted says:

    This is where RexofSB’s comment expressing excitement would be. RIP our BBQ advocate friend.

  2. Kip says:

    Check @prieditebarbecue or @bellslosalamos on Instagram for more info and timing of events!