Downtown Jeannine’s update

Reader Lynn, Steve H. and others have told me that Jeannine’s Bakery on East Figueroa Street has closed permanently. Steve H.  heard it on a AM1290 morning radio radio show and talked to the lady working inside cleaning things up. The official word from Jeannine’s is that the closing is temporary.

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3 Responses to Downtown Jeannine’s update

  1. Laura says:

    Hmmm… I would go by the statement from Jeannines than (potentially) gossip…
    But if it’s true, very sad, Alison has worked so hard to build her business to 4 locations and it’s been a very challenging 10 months for restaurants… and for all of us .
    Please support the local businesses you love if you want them to survive

  2. Christine_Z28 says:

    All three locations say “temporarily closed” on Google.

  3. SavSmallBizSB says:

    Hmmm, looks like their signs came down over the weekend, maybe they were sent out to be cleaned? That makes 2 long term, loved by many, tenants (below market rents?) out in the same tenancy around January 1st? Maybe just a coincidence that City Ordinance 5976 went into effect on December 31st, but also a possibility they are related. The City Council’s decision to remove the eviction moratorium early is going to continue to have casualties, maybe it would be a good time to update our community on the content & timing of the ordinance. Sadly, we have State Grants and PPP options coming in soon…but the landlords are scrambling to clear some space before they arrive with the window of time the Mayor provided to them for a market rent reset.