New to-go guide for restaurants

Similar to was was created April 2020, I have started a new guide at that features the latest news from restaurants that continue to be open and offer to-go food service during the most recent COVID-19 lockdown.  If you represent a local restaurant that still serves customers please email with information you want me to share with the public and I will add it to Restaurant Guide home page and The Restaurant Guy blog.

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  1. Hefe says:

    I was just downtown for lunch and had the Best Friend vegan sandwich at Satellite and a cold beer. There is a lot of space to eat and drink safely(legal to drink to go outside).

    Lets support our local restaurants and businesses. Get take out and eat at home, in a park or right outside the restaurant. As long as it is taken to go you can eat and drink wherever you like. Just distance and take precautions.

  2. StevieV says:

    So there are some places still serving on their outside patios?

  3. Hefe says:

    There is plenty of space not in the parklets to enjoy a meal.

    It is not illegal to be in public. As long as it is takeout you can eat anywhere you like.

    Just use common sense. Manage distance, duration, ventilation and personal protection to be safe.

  4. Johnathon says:

    They should not be allowing customers on their patios. It’s wrong! Have you heard of doing the right thing even if it’s difficult??!

    • SavSmallBizSB says:

      Johnathon…do the right thing? Are you serious? He offered to support the business, order takeouit and dine somewhere outdoors. Do the right thing? There is no industry harder hit, heavily restricted by government order/intervention, than the restaurant/hospitality industry. We have all followed the orders. We have all followed the science. We all have given our landlords every PPP dollar we borrowed to avoid losing our business. Retail has amazon. Retail has been allowed to stay open “as this is their busiest season and closure would be devastating” Gov. Newsom’s words. We have lost every major holiday sales all year long (Easter, Mothers Day, Memorial Day, Graduation, Fathers Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving..I think we have all done what is right without a fight)…and it IS devastating. At least the Governor had the foresight to impose Eviction Protection for Commercial tenants through March 31st…doesn’t help us pay the bills, but keeps us open to try and earn what we can to try and keep our business during the slowest time of the year
      But our loving Mayor, who says we are all in it together…along with the cohorts of officials we were blind enough to elect into position of community service…decided on the day after indoor dining was revoked, to TERMINATE the protection for ALL commercial tenants effective December 31st. Any business that has deferred any rent throughout the pandemic (with no support or aid other than the PPP we already gave our landlords) has to begin January 1st, with the first of 12 equal installments of that deferral. In the historically slowest time of year for Santa Barbara restaurants (well, state-wide actually other than ski resort areas) and during the most stringent of all lockdowns so far this past 10 months.
      At best, most of us were running 30-40% of normal revenues (except those businesses on State Street that the same city officials granted space to allow them to double their pre-pandemic occupancy capacities unfairly, but a whole other issue for another debate) with takeout/delivery only…closer to 10-15%…but our rent due is still 100%, our electricity is still due 100%, our payroll is still due 100%, our vendors, our gas…so tell me Johnathon…what else can a restaurant worker or owner sacrifice for you to meet your standard? Close up, and let the landlords bring in a new tenant at new market rent values? For me to lose my spot with my current lease, my landlord will stand to make an additional $80,000 per year on new market value of rent…for 8 years…that is $600k+…so tell me…why did the city take away our protection, while the State still has the order in effect? Tell me Johnathon..what would you do? Give up? Or try and sell takeout at 10% capacity and hope your city or landlord find the heart to give you a free pass?? Well guess what, it isn’t happening. Our city made their sales tax during the season..and now they are setting the property owners up for a full flip of tenancy to increase their profits and property value…and if the city gets lucky, one will sell at a record level and a new property tax revenue stream gets on the books in 2021. Stay home Johnathon, we are trying to save ours

      • G says:

        Well stated. Keep pushing because some of us actually appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that goes into running a foodservice establishment. If I knew who you were, I’d come order from your business right now just to support the fact that you are willing to speak out.

  5. Hefe says:

    The parklets I have seen have tables and chairs removed. I have not seen people dining in them.

    Retail is open at 20%. Do the right thing and support these businesses. Distance, limit duration inside, wear a mask and spend time in well ventilated areas.

    Get takeout. You can enjoy a meal and drink within current guidelines and safely.

    As the governor said exercise outside, walk your dog, walk on the beach. Don’t ignore local restaurants and shops that can be supported within guidelines and safely.

  6. Paul Jaconette says:

    Hi John,

    Any update on the Dutch Garden space? Someone on Next Door San Roque posted that it may become a marijuana dispensary??

  7. Johnathon says:

    Great!!!! Another dispensary. Just what we need..!!

  8. Hefe says:

    Word is definitely not a dispensary. Carrying on the Dutch tradition.

  9. Hefe says:

    I’m making it a mission to get take out everyday.

    Currently enjoying Mesa Verde at Ellings Park.

  10. Hefe says:

    Fresco in five points yesterday. Had a delicious wild salmon sandwich with a ceasar salad. They have several tables and chairs that I think are a part of the center so ate there. Fresco only selling take out what you do with it is up to you

    Lots of space, open air, very safe.

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