Yona Redz finds a home

Last summer Yona Redz Queso Tacos offered popup events at 330 State Street, the former home of Casa Blanca. Reader Steve H. let me know that Yona Redz now has their own place at 532 State Street, the former home of Gioia Wine Lounge, Sunny Korean Restaurant, Le Petit Bistrot, Verde, and Zia Cafe. Your meal at Yona Redz, which opened November 15, includes soup that you dip your meat & cheese taco into (tacos au jus?). The 500 block of State Street has exploded in popularity with the opening of the State Street Promenade.

Courtesy photo

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2 Responses to Yona Redz finds a home

  1. peter says:

    That looks good!

    • Linda Smythe says:

      We went there Saturday night stayed in line with all the young people and started out with a taco and a quesadilla. Never have tasted anything like this it was delicious totally different flavor than any Mexican or any food that we’ve ever eaten. Still hungry my husband went back and bought two more quesadillas and another taco and I did not want to share with him and he kept nudging me are you going to give me any.

      On a hike today I was telling two of my girlfriends about it. Could not remember the name because it’s so unusual. But it made me hungry for their tacos and quesadillas. I told my husband I will probably go tomorrow for another taco and Quesadilla and he said well don’t go without me