There goes the neighborhood

Readers Christine, Cris, and Ted let me know that Santa Barbara’s popular Neighbor Tim’s BBQ has announced plans to pack their bags and move the business out of California. Order at while you still can. Here a message to you from owner Tim Goebel:

Folks it’s now time I clear the smoke from the air with you. Truth is that our honor of serving you genuine smoked meats for 6 years is soon coming to an end. In two weeks, Sunday 11/15/20, will be our last day of BBQ service in Goleta / Santa Barbara.

With our growing family my Mrs. & I have collectively decided it is best to pack up our family and BBQ business to relocate it to a more populated city out of state which will also lead us to get into some spacious and very affordable housing.

The BBQ business itself is doing fine really. We’re actually operating at a pretty good clip but like most we are surviving month by month. Which I couldn’t be more thankful for! At least we can stay open and continue to serve. Operating our business outside of California in a much more dense population we see longevity and growth shifting upwards towards thriving.

We hope you take advantage the next couple weeks to visit, purchase & enjoy what we love doing. In the coming days more details will come as to what our next step is and our future landing spot. However after Sunday 11/15/20 our hats will hang on another nail. Order up!!! -NT

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