ACME Hospitality uses technology to help keep employees and guests safe

Th Acme Hospitality restaurant group has announced a new partnership with biosafety company, R-Zero, incorporating hospital-grade UV-C to daily disinfection protocols. Beginning at The Lark, Lucky Penny, Helena Avenue Bakery, Pearl Social and Loquita, and with plans to be implemented at their other properties, the addition of this new technology will add a critical layer of added protection, ensuring the safest possible environment for employees and guests.

“R-Zero is making it possible to for our restaurants to use the same UV-C technology that hospitals have relied on for decades” said Sherry Villanueva, Owner and Managing Partner, Acme Hospitality “The R-Zero Arc allows us to disinfect all of the areas we can’t see, providing a necessary added layer of protection. Using UV-C technology in our restaurants, we feel confident we are providing the safest environment for our team and our guests in the market. Additionally, we have peace of mind knowing UV-C is non-toxic, so we are able to keep everyone safe without any negative chemical exposure.”

Part of Acme Hospitality’s new infection prevention protocols will include daily disinfection of public spaces (including dining rooms, bar areas, kitchens, employee stations and restrooms) with Arc, R-Zero’s touchless germicidal UV-C device. Arc is proven to destroy over 99.99% of surface and air pathogens, with minimal touch time – disinfecting a 1,000 square foot room in just seven minutes.

Acme Hospitality welcomes local and visiting guests to dine securely in their state-of-the-art disinfected spaces in Santa Barbara as they expand the protocol to their other properties.

Photo by Collin Dewel

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  1. Peter says:

    So, the device is used while the restaurant is closed to disinfect spaces….it seems. It is not clear whether the light can see around corners, behind bars and under tables so it seems questionable whether all surfaces can be disinfected (right?). It does not appear to provide any added protection to new viruses introduced to the space during the hours when the restaurant is open as it seems (from the manufacturers website) that it can only be used when the space is vacant. I’d love something that makes dining out safer and this likely does that but it seems (someone please correct me) that it is far from perfect.

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