Silvergreens closes, re-brands as Kyle’s Kitchen

After decades in business the last South Coast Silvergreens restaurant at 900 Embarcadero del Mar in Isla Vista has closed. On October 6th the business reopened as a Kyle’s Kitchen. Other Kyle’s Kitchen locations include 7000 Hollister Avenue in Goleta, 5723 Calle Real in Goleta, and 791 Chapala Street. Here is a message about the transition from management:

Hello Friends of Silvergreens,

After 25 years of serving I.V. healthy salads and sandwiches, Silvergreens has transitioned this location to our sister brand, Kyle’s. And while COVID-19 certainly played a part in the decision, it was also just the right time.

I graduated from UCSB back in 1994 with a mission of providing fresh salads to a community that already had lots of good burritos and pizza. Something healthy for Isla Vista residents to mix in their diets with all the other options. Like all of us, over the years, Silvergreens has thrived. And at other times, it has struggled.

We will always be known as one of the first salad restaurant concepts ever created. Many other “green” salad places have emulated Silvergreens in other communities over the years, but we can always be proud of our pioneering ways.

We’ve employed over 1,000 amazing students and residents in our last 25 years, and we look forward to continuing this trend for the next 25 years with Kyle’s.

As in all of life, sometimes change is necessary for growth. For our family, it’s the right time to simplify. Kyle’s allows us to do this as we have 3 other Kyle’s Kitchen restaurants in the community. Silvergreens will always be a part of many of our lives. Forever. It will never be forgotten, and who knows, maybe one day it will come back in a new, re-imagined way.

Thanks to all of our amazing customers and friends who kept us going all these years. Here’s to 25 more years!

My kindest regards,
Jay Ferro
UCSB Alum, 1994
Kyle’s Dad & Founder of Silvergreens

SILVER LINING: Though the original and only remaining Silvergreens location has closed, the business continues on in the form of Kyle’s Kitchen. Staff (l-r) includes Adam Durocher (Assistant Manager), Lexie Van Os, Jack Riccardi, and Maxwell Miller.

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2 Responses to Silvergreens closes, re-brands as Kyle’s Kitchen

  1. LG says:

    Kyle’s Kitchen makes a mean burger, but Silvergreens was so special! Sign of the times, I guess. Eloquent goodbye from Jay Ferro. Happy to support Kyle’s and the causes they help fund… best of luck!

    • Josh says:

      I second that. I will really miss the Silvergreens menu. They had great salads, and I much prefer the sandwiches to the Kyles burgers. One of the last places standing from when I started UCSB in ’96. I think the only ones left are sams to go, freebirds and woodstocks.