Figueroa Mountain Brewing files for bankruptcy

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company, the Buellton-based craft brewer, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization on Oct. 5. The second largest craft brewer in our area announced plans to restructure its debts and bring in a new financial partner. Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s production was about half bottled beer and half draft beer, the latter being more profitable. After the pandemic began the draft beer business slowed dramatically and the business had trouble fulfilling orders for packaged beer. Consequently Figueroa Mountain saw a double-digit percentage drop in revenue this year though the fourth quarter is expected to be in the pre-pandemic range. A debt reorganization will allow Figueroa Mountain to restructure its company to focus on sales of packaged beer. Figueroa Mountain intends to continue all restaurant and brewery operations and will not discontinue any of its current beers.

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7 Responses to Figueroa Mountain Brewing files for bankruptcy

  1. Richard says:

    Way to go Newsom! Another business you’ve bankrupted.

    • Rex Of SB says:

      So the pandemic was Newsom’s fault? If I were assigning blame, I think I’d go higher up in the political chain, if you know who I mean and I think you do.

      • Jason B says:

        No, Newsom’s policies in response to the pandemic are what Richard is questioning.

        • Richard says:

          JB, that’s exactly what I am referring to. Newsom’s closures, restrictions, and mandates and all of his policies have done NOTHING to control the virus that many blame Trump for. My heart goes out to all the food, libation, and other businesses that have suffered untold financial hardships for nothing other than political ends. No wonder so many are leaving this state for more sane business policies, taxes, and regulations.

  2. Hefe says:

    Extremely frustrating government and public response. I personally own a business that has been, closed, forced outside, and limited in capacity. PPP funding and working with the LL we will hopefully survive. My business is in the north county and what frustrates me the most is the non compliance with the common sense and proven mitigation techniques.
    This is an infectious respiratory disease.In the north county compared to South compliance is completely different and the number of cases are completely different. Unfortunately for santa Barbara businesses lumped together as one. If you look at new cases in Santa Barbara and Goleta vs Santa Maria it matches attitudes and practice of mitigation.

    I recognize how unfortunate it is for me the business I’m in. I have personally witnessed non compliance and dealt with aggressive opposition. It did not have to be this bad.

    Its all about exposure. Limiting exposure is a function of, distance,ventilation and filtration, duration and personal protection(for yourself and others). This is why flying is proving to be very safe. Duration and distance are mitigated by ventilation, filtration and strict personal protection policy and compliance.

    We just witnessed a superspreader event at the white house. They were outside therefore well ventilated but did not incorporate personal protection and distancing also there was sustained duration.

    I had a friend that was terminally ill and he didn’t like to wear a seat belt joking what do I have to lose? I said not much but in a bad accident your body will fly around the car and kill me!

    Common sense.