C’est Cheese reopens as “Cheese Shop Santa Barbara”

Last July Kathryn and Michael Graham announced the closure of their C’est Cheese store at 827 Santa Barbara Street after 16 years in business. The Santa Barbara Independent reports that, thanks to a renegotiated outstanding loan, on October 1st the couple reopened the business at the same address with a new business name: Cheese Shop Santa Barbara. The new fromagerie  employs almost all of the same staff, and focuses on what brought the Grahams to the business in the first place: top-shelf cheese from around the world; a range of charcuterie, some made in-house; and artisanal foods and drinks to round it all out. The Cheese Shop Santa Barbara will remain pick-up only until the pandemic restrictions are eased and will eventually restart their catering service. Thanks to readers Andrea, Dick, and ItsNotBob for the tips!

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4 Responses to C’est Cheese reopens as “Cheese Shop Santa Barbara”

  1. Michael Hutchings says:

    Great news to hear of the reopening of the SB CHeese shop. They are great people and know cheese! All the best.

    Chef Michael Hutchings

  2. Dallis Richardson says:

    All good vibes and love to our awesome cheese shop! Welcome back, Michael and Kathryn! Could not happen to a more deserving couple and business!

  3. LG says:

    This is wonderful news for Santa Barbara! So thrilled to have you back!

  4. Hefe says:

    It shows when multiple parties are willing to compromise it can be a win win.

    With that said please look at the pros and cons of prop 15. Most commercial leases NNN meaning property taxes go directly to tenants. This means those tax increases will go straight to the business owner.
    Please vote!