Dean Coffee opens in Goleta

Last month Dean Coffee Shop opened at 6100-1 Hollister Avenue in Goleta, a newly-built office plaza directly across the street from the former home of High Sierra Grill and Elephant Bar.  Dean is a combination of great coffee and a grab-n-go that is fully stocked with salads, sandwiches, snacks and reheatable meals for the surrounding businesses. Because of the large patio they hope to host many events as well for local non-profits and nearby businesses. In addition to drinks on the menu, Dean has a list of toasts available including avocado toast, goat toast, mixed marinated toast, smashed bean toast (vegan), salami & Gruyere toast on French rye, and more.

“Peace, quiet, light, good espresso, friendly folks, easy food, breezy patio – that’s who we are,” says owner Jennifer Shively. “Named after my grandfather, I made Dean an ode to relaxed hospitality and added all of the elements that I always wanted in a coffee shop. If we can bring his natural warmth and ease and blend it with uncomplicated modernity then I have achieved my goal of creating a space of peace and welcome on Hollister.”

Ideally, Dean hopes to fulfill the niche need for reasonably priced simple fare and become a favorite local hangout. “If you’re on your way to work and stop for a coffee you may find yourself picking up your lunch; and if you stop in for lunch you may well find yourself having a cup of coffee,” says Shively. “Hopefully we will make the locals happy with our offerings. Dean is also a great spot to bring your four-legged friend.”

Call (805) 350-4110 or visit

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2 Responses to Dean Coffee opens in Goleta

  1. Peter says:

    This coffee/snack shop seems perfect for stocking what a former coworker referred to as her “cubicle cafe”. What a a great idea for nearby cube dwellers!

  2. Heidi says:

    Cube delivery would be ideal.

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