Question of the Day

Hi John,

I’m constantly getting asked for seafood restaurant recommendations by my hotel guests downtown.

Enterprise was the closest, and Chuck’s a close second, both gone. The decor at Fishouse is lacking, Brophys is too crowded for out of towners, and Bluewater is a chain…

Do you have any downtown walking distance suggestions for sit-down seafood that will leave a lasting impression of local SB seafood delights?

Many thanks,

Lady Kzsb

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14 Responses to Question of the Day

  1. Deb says:

    You may want to reconsider the FisHouse….Their Halibut special is fresh, fantastic and so innovate & delicious. When we have visitors, we always go there and they all adore it. Also, a beautiful outdoor (& open) patio and beach view with fresh seafood is the Beachside in Goleta!! Fresh seafood salads, delicious Clam Linguini, and Salmon!! Sitting practically on the beach, it really has the WOW factor all the way around, the view can’t be beat!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Of course, this needs to be considered in the times of COVID. Lure has a lot of outdoor seating (not on a street) so that takes care of any decor concerns.

    I enjoy going to SB Shellfish out on the wharf. Recently I’ve been buying takeaway, bringing my own bottle of wine, and sitting out on the wharf for some food and drink. Nobody cares about open container anymore.

    Kanaloa is nice but maybe not something a restaurant would recommend because it is so casual. Same for Nikka Fishmarket and Restaurant in Goleta.

  3. Kim says:

    If your tourist habits are like mine, then go where locals eat, and Kanaloa is all that!

  4. Vinson Kelley says:

    Lure Fish House?

    Yes, I wish that Enterprise was still in business too. If one goes early, the wait at Brophy Bros. isn’t too bad. They also have a less crowded, I think, Ventura location.

  5. Andrew Gault says:

    I wonder why LURE is not mentioned. They are great. Great food and ambiance. Service is good as well..

    Andy G

  6. itsnotbob says:

    Take a look at Oku.

  7. JJ says:

    Oku and Santa Barbara Shellfish Company are both great options.

  8. George Ronay says:

    Lure in Camarillo has ALWAYS been excellent – I’ve only been to Lure in SB once but no reason to suspect it’s any different.

  9. Alan Smithee says:

    BlueWater Grill?

  10. Sbmizzou says:

    I actually think Brophy’s has a high percentage of out of towners. I think Brophy’s is unique, fresh food and a great view. There can be long wait for a reason.

    I think you should warn them of the wait but to tell them to walk the breakwater. I do like Lure. The location is a little lacking for outcof town guest looking for a Santa Barbara experience. I would give them both Brophys and Luee and explain the pros and cons of each. I just think Brophys is special.

  11. Christine Carr says:

    Chucks of Hawaii has a wonderful Alaskan halibut and salmon entree.

  12. Johnny says:

    Foodie SB.

    If They want a great experience I would recommend Teddy’s by the sea in Carpinteria. A locals favorite that never disappoints. Have them ask for Rubén he’s one of their managers that does a great job making sure customers are always happy.

  13. Gary Sudder says:

    Capt Johns, Margolis and Co, and Caswells was pretty good in the day. Now adays, quality is very inconsistent and whatever brings in $.