Ownership change

On August 5th a “Public Notice of Application for Ownership Change” sign was posted at 18 East Cota Street, the home of The Middle Child restaurant and bar. I see notices like this around town frequently but this application is a little unusual. The application says the address is 1212 State Street which is the home of The Good Lion bar located six blocks away. Usually a notice of this type includes the address of where it’s posted.

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3 Responses to Ownership change

  1. Laurie says:

    From sitelinesb, “it is a partnership between the Good Lion and Barbareno.
    the new establishment is another partnership between Brandon Ristaino and Misty Orman (The Good Lion, Test Pilot) and Jesse Gaddy, Julian Martinez, and Lenka Davis (Barbareño), who have already collaborated on the Cubaneo/Shaker Mill project. Venus in Furs, explained Ristaino, will be a natural wine bar, a cocktail bar, a bottle shop, and a restaurant, and they’re planning to soft-open in around two weeks. Look for more updates on Instagram.”

  2. Dick says:

    Can I suggest that “Venus in Furs” is a VERY odd name for a food establishment? One might google the name…but only those over 18.

  3. Rex Of SB says:

    Wow—”odd name” is right! I just Googled it, did a little further research, and just ordered the book from Kindle, and, surprise, it’s FREE! Congrats to the restaurateurs for coming up with a curiously provocative, original name. And if it’s anything like Barbareño, you know the food will be great. My mind is reeling with appropriate names for the dishes, but since this is a family site, I’ll keep them to myself.