Question of the Day

Thank you for all of the information about the close of Fish Enterprise in Santa Barbara, truly a great loss. Can you offer any help as to what to do with an unused $500 gift card from Fish Enterprise? Are they planning to give refunds for these cards? I am elderly and handicapped so I am unable to travel to Santa Monica to use the card in their other restaurant. Please give me any guidance you can. Thank you.
– Billyboy

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4 Responses to Question of the Day

  1. George says:

    You might want to list it on e-Bay or Facebook Marketplace – although a $500 gift card will be a tough sell. See if you can target the Santa Monica area with your ad…

  2. Rave says:

    Gift cards do not lose their value according to state law- they are like cash and retain their value. I would contact the business at their Santa Monica business address and locate their actual business offices for a refund.

  3. George says:

    You could also try Craigslist, but again you’d have to list it in the Los Angeles area version…

  4. Gary Sudder says:

    So sorry to hear. Did they not have a full disclosure on how to refund 100% unused gift cards of their defunct SB business?