Red Pepper reopens in Goleta

The Red Pepper Restaurant at 282 Orange Avenue in Goleta closed in April 2019 after decades in business. On July 28 of this year the restaurant had a grand opening under new ownership. Chef and owner Leon Hao has been working for the last 9 months renovating the business with a new kitchen, plumbing, restroom, floor and a new coat of paint. There are now TV monitors above the food trays that display the menu. Currently Red Pepper serves Americanized Chinese food with lunch specials and they will add more authentic Chinese food to the dinner menu in the near future. Middle Eastern BBQ kebab skewers and beer are also on their way. All food is served to-go, with separate doors to enter and exit the restaurant. Entree prices range from $10-$17. The new Red Pepper is open Monday-Saturday 11am-9pm. Call 805-679-5247. Thanks to readers Everett and Anne for the tips!

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9 Responses to Red Pepper reopens in Goleta

  1. Matt K. says:

    woo hoo. Loved the old Red Pepper, but excited what chef Leon Hao has up his sleeve!

  2. Christine_Z28 says:

    “WELCOME COME!” 🙂 Yes, I will!

    Will miss the former staff and menu, of course. Too bad I no longer work in an office just two blocks away…

  3. Stacy says:

    Do they really have a buffet? With no good options for Chinese food in goleta I was excited until I saw the buffet…. I’m shocked they’d let people serve themselves right now.

    • LG says:

      I was surprised (and a little unnerved), too, but I couldn’t tell from the picture if it was a self-serve buffet, or if there perhaps will be a server standing on the other side and behind the plexiglass, serving up what you order. I’m going to suspend disbelief until I know for sure. Can anyone clarify?

  4. Paul says:

    got takeout from there yesterday, was delicious!

  5. Don says:

    My parents had the Hong Kong Restaurant there from 1963-1978. It’s good to see the location up and running again. I miss Sue though.

  6. Don says:

    Just looked at the menu. I’m assuming food is still made to order and not just from the food trays ala Panda Express?