De la Vina Coffee Bean closes permanently

Reader Vinson let me know that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at 3052 De la Vina Street ground to a halt on Saturday, July 25th. I called the business and they confirmed the news that they have closed for good. This is the 4th area closure of a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf which abandoned locations on State Street, in Carpinteria, and in Montecito in the last 14 months.

Interior photo by Primetime

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4 Responses to De la Vina Coffee Bean closes permanently

  1. LJ Playman says:

    I am soooooo SAD!! I live in Carp. and the Coffee Bean closing there is a DRAG but, even though I could grab a bus and still get my favorite Joe on upper State, there is NO WAY I am able to trasp all the way to GOLETA!!!!. What happened to this establishment?????

    • Gerald Bostock says:

      A pandemic is what happened! Has nothing to do with the establishment; more businesses of all types will not make it, but the hit on restaurants and other food service is … almost inconceivable. It’s horrible all over, and going to get worse. (it’s “traipse”)

  2. Alisa Haley says:

    I wonder if they are/were all owned by the same franchisee or corp owned?

  3. Gary Sudder says:

    More sad closings and us empire realities. What about all the employees? The owners/partners are likely a-ok. Unfettered Capitalism-the us was a business (‘society’) that had no values except putting dollar signs on everything.