Cafe Stella reopens

After a few weeks of remodeling and “re-inventing” their dining process, Cafe Stella at 3302 McCaw Avenue will be once again open for business starting Wednesday July 15th.

“During these few weeks, we have utilized the downtime and volunteer work for interior and exterior improvements to the building,” says owner Philippe Rousseau. “This was done while also incorporating a new approach to on-site dining, app ordering development and contactless ordering platform in keeping with mandated restrictions and providing our customers with a feeling of safety and comfort. Our goal is to offer the Cafe dining experience while adhering to new guidelines that will offer an environment our customers feel safe in and are excited to return to.”

Takeout and delivery begins July 15th. There will be no service but the lower patio, upper patio, and front patios are available for seating. Drive-in takeout is set to begin July 21st. The mountain side of Cafe Stella’s parking lot is currently transitioning to “drive & park” outdoor booth seating, socially distanced with safety in mind.

Cafe Stella is open Tuesday – Saturday from 3pm to 7pm. Pre-order online anytime and schedule your pick-up or delivery by their ordering app. The restaurant will extend hours to include lunch as soon as possible.

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