Zizzo’s closes for good

Reader Josh let me know that drive-thru Zizzo’s Coffeehouse & Brew Pub, which opened at 370 Storke Road in Goleta in January 2009 in the former home of Storke Road Drive Inn, closed last Saturday. The coffee spot had expanded to three locations within a 3 block radius by 2016 then trimmed back to just the original. Of all dining destinations in Santa Barbara County, Zizzo’s happens to be the closest to my home so I walked over to confirm and saw this message for you on the front door:


To our valued and cherished customers: Due to circumstances beyond our control, it is with heavy heart that after 12 amazing years, Zizzo’s Coffee will have to close. I speak on behalf of the Zizzo’s teams past and present in saying that it has been an absolute pleasure serving you, the community.

Many customer relationships have been built over the years. We have attended customer birthday parties, weddings, and sadly, funerals. We have watched our youngest smoothie loving customers grow up to be college graduates, we have witnessed numerous first-dates, and couples fall in love and start families. We have provided a location for numerous PhD candidates to study and eventually defend their doctoral thesis; in fact, Zizzo’s has even been listed as a contributor to one PhD candidate. We have observed screenwriters pen the next situation comedy, with one of the characters actually named Zizzo. Our objective was to be local, not corporate; we hope we achieved that.

We didn’t make much money on this place, matter of fact we lost a lot of money, however we felt we were providing a much-needed community-building service. Building relationships were far more valuable to us. It was never about making a ton of money it was “Good Friends, Great Coffee” which has always been our motto and we sincerely believe we lived by that.

So long and farewell good friends, please stop us if you see us around town and say hello. Because it is you, our customer who drove us to keep this place going.

Michael and Sue Casey, Val, Sean, Tami, and hundreds of Zizzo’s staff over the years

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9 Responses to Zizzo’s closes for good

  1. Josh says:

    Hi John, did the Zizzo’s folks own the property? I’d imagine in the era of COVID-19 the real estate cost for a permitted drive-through probably increased 5 fold. It wouldn’t surprise me if whomever the owners were got an offer they couldn’t refuse, whether that be from Starbucks or another national establishment.

    I should also mention, their motto should have been “Good Coffee, GREAT Friends” While it might not have been the “Worlds Best Coffee” (for you Elf fans). That place got my wife hooked on coffee after returning to work after her maternity leave ended. Many a morning I would go there and get her a “Medium Hot Mexican Mocha – no whip cream” (couldn’t have the extra 40 calories on top of the 400 already :D). Usually Tami was there, I remember her Brian Urlacher jersey, as I sported Niners gear and she would try and give me a bad time about it (back in the Alex Smith days) when Bears fans could try and talk down to Niners fans. She always remembered the order. My wife eventually started going to get her own coffee and made friends with most of the staff there. She was pretty bummed out when she got the news. She will miss the coffee, but she will miss the staff more. Thanks Zizzo’s for being a great part of our community for the past dozen years!

    • The Restaurant Guy says:

      I don’t think they were the owner of the property. I think one person owns the former Zizzo’s building, plus the car wash behind it, and a structure behind the car wash. A few years ago it was announced that the car wash was going to turn into a Fuel Depot then it never happened.

  2. britinsb says:

    With most UCSB classes going remote and limits on on-campus residences, I imagine it’s going to be a pretty rough time for all of the businesses that relied on student customers.

  3. Stacy says:

    A while back noozhawk reported that address was approved for a cannabis retail location… Haven’t seen anything about that in a while but that could be related 🙁