Rose Cafe on Haley Street update

After 84 years it looks like the Rose Cafe on Haley Street might have served their last meal although that is not for certain. I’m hoping for a comeback. Reader Mo tells me that the Rose Cafe on Haley Street has not yet reopened from the Coronavirus shutdown and their phone number is now disconnected. After hearing that I emailed sister restaurant Rose Cafe on the Mesa and this was their response:

“From my understanding, they are going to close permanently. I’m just not sure if it is official yet or not. Once I know, I can let you know.”

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2 Responses to Rose Cafe on Haley Street update

  1. karl says:

    So I’m guessing this is the second oldest restaurant in SB? Joe’s being the oldest then Rose on Haley then Arnoldi’s? Am I missing someone?

  2. LG says:

    This is not the only restaurant in town that has not made an official announcement, yet appears to be closed. I can only say that there must be painstaking consideration of the options, as well as (possibly) some grieving, involved for those restaurant proprietors who have not yet stated their future plans, so as much as I would like to know, I am trying to be patient. This is an unprecedented time, and many dreams are falling to the side …for now.