Legendary Lemons

Goleta is known for lemons but this is ridiculous. There is a lemon tree in the Goodland that produces fruit so large you can make four pitchers of lemonade from a single lemon. Local resident Melanie Avery purchased what was supposed to be a standard lemon tree at OSH eight years ago and planted it in her front yard. She tells me that the first year the lemons were a little bit larger than normal and that they have increased in diameter with each passing season. The average size lemon in her 2020 crop is approximately one-foot across. By the time I stumbled upon the tree with The Restaurant Kid (photographed) all the big lemons had been harvested and just the “tiny” ones remained. I was only able to make two pitchers of lemonade from a single one of Avery’s lemons.

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2 Responses to Legendary Lemons

  1. James says:

    It’s a watermelon… NO it’s a lemon..NO it’s a WATERLEMON!

    too soon?

    p.s. are these for sale?!

  2. BRS says:

    The Restaurant Kid has an awesome smile!