Pieology in Goleta closes doors for good

This might be the South Coast’s first restaurant casualty from the Coronavirus. Or maybe it would have happened anyway. Pieology at 7000 Hollister Avenue in Goleta appears to have closed permanently. They are no longer listed on the corporate website, Yelp says they are gone, and I received this message from reader Deprived in Goleta:

Hi John,

My husband and I drove by Pieology in Goleta this evening and it appeared from the street to have all the windows covered from the inside with brown paper. I think they are gone, darn. We really liked their cauliflower pizza crust.

Have you heard if they will be reopening at a later date or are they gone for good?


Pieology opened in August 2016.

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3 Responses to Pieology in Goleta closes doors for good

  1. El Guapo says:

    I remember being so excited to hear one was coming, I’d been to one in Thousand Oaks years ago and it was great. For whatever reason, the quality never translated to this location. Pizza was always bland and service less that stellar. One night my family and I stopped in there and stood in line for a few minutes while the employees stood in the back playing on their phones. Wasn’t just the one time either, the customer service just wasn’t very good. Sorry not sorry to see this place go away. For this type of pizza Blaze & Pizza Rev are much better options.

  2. socalcitizen says:

    It was always so dead.

    The restaurants on that side of Hollister just struggle in general. Sharky’s has been on sale since a few months of its opening, and it has to have lost a lot of money. I feel bad for the owner, whoever it is. It looks like they spent a lot of money opening it, it’s so nice inside.

    Choppa Ice Cream was always dead, though that and Choppa Poke have low quality ingredients to blame for their struggles.

    I’m not sure how Jeanine’s does, I’d be curious to hear impressions from others. It’s busy on weekend mornings.

  3. Kay Lee says:

    Every time I went in there, there were hardly any customers. It seemed like I never saw the same employee twice, must have been a revolving door. The employees always seemed miserable, they were polite and decent but like robots. Must not have been a good place to work. Still, I’ll miss the place, my husband enjoyed their pizza.