Stella update

Here is a message from the management of Stella Mares and Cafe Stella restaurants:

Dear Stella Family, friends, guests and neighbors,We are truly sorry to announce that effective, after dinner service on Sunday, March 15th, Stella Mares, and Cafe Stella will temporarily close.

The impact of the Corona Virus pandemic is now forcing us to temporarily part ways for a few weeks or until conditions improve. The health guidelines are leaving no room for full-service dining as we know it. The Federal government may also call for restaurants and bars to close down for at least 14 days. France earlier today also announced the closure of all restaurants. Culture and lifestyle shock.

This is a devastating blow to all of us, and words can’t explain how sad we are. Our numbers dropped over three weeks ago, then a 25% drop last week, and over 75% drop this week. Special events, weddings, and large social events have already canceled. This affects not only our business but also the many people in the event industry, i.e., photographers, floral designers, wedding and event planners, to name a few.
The restaurant industry already very susceptible to economic shocks, simply cannot weather this monumental tragedy. This is emotionally and financially traumatic for all of us.

The Stella Family, faced with recent catastrophic events, has never given up ever. We won’t this time. We are working on a temporary transitional concept, A Stella’s Curb Side Meal program, aimed at providing the community with home-cooked safe meals, picked up curbside under extreme sanitation rules and guidelines. We will remain present and active in the community in any way or form
possible-details to follow.

Please know that soon, people will need places to gather, even if they are small gatherings, and when this is all over, people will need to pick up the pieces and reconnect. This is a cycle. The sun will shine again. We look forward to being part of your “Stella-brations” in the near future.

Our community has been through so much in the past few years, and we have faced many challenges. Together, we can get through this, too. In the meantime, please take care of yourselves, your families, and your neighbors.

With love,
The Stella Family


Dear Stella Family:

We thank you all for the incredible work you all deliver day in day out, year after year. We thank you for sticking with the Stella Family, some of you for 24 years already. Thank you for your understanding. Please know that we will try everything we can and fight for your benefits and financial help. The community will come together, and eventually, it will be Country over politics. We will seek financial aid. We will be back. We will rebuild.

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3 Responses to Stella update

  1. Kate says:

    Oh, no! Cafe Stella is a staple for us. I hope the curbside meal program can work (also hope it can include cocktails-to-go!)

  2. EDG says:

    You cook it, we’ll pick it up!

  3. CBSB says:

    Please do curbside pick up or delivery! We are lost without you!!