Reader Kim says “Heard from staff last night that La Cocina (old Arts and Letters Cafe, et al) served its last meal. No new concept in the works.” I checked their web site and it says: “Hours of Operation: None, THE RESTAURANT IS CLOSED.” La Cocina opened in June 2019 at 7 East Anapamu Street, replacing Smithy, which in turn replaced Somerset. All 3 eateries were under the same ownership.

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2 Responses to LA COCINA CLOSES

  1. CS says:

    What a disaster

  2. KC says:

    Wife and I dined at Somerset and had an amazing fine dining experience. Went twice to Smithy hoping to recreate the Somerset experience and both times just left us indifferent or less than satisfied. I’m not the biggest fan of small plate concept restaurants, which is what Somerset turned Smithy into. You either order too much and waste money or order too little and then have to order another round and subject to a busy kitchen wait time. We were planning to go to La Cocina this week to give it one last chance. Hope another restaurant concept can make a go of that location. Stepping into that back patio is like being transported to another place in this world.