This just in from local wine icon Bob Wesley:

Dear readers,

While I normally scoff at the use of stock photos like the glossy, staged one above, I’m breaking my own rule today. I’d send some images of the interior of the store, but it’s in a transitional phase and not especially snapshot-worthy right now. It’s like me without my morning coffee and hair mousse. Well, maybe not that bad…

Yes, I’m extremely pleased to announce that the wine shop formerly known as Savoy is undergoing a stunning renaissance that would make Michelangelo jealous, though he’s not involved in the interior painting. His rates were too high, so we hired a local fella named Mark and his crew to refresh the walls and ceiling, all in anticipation of the arrival on the Santa Barbara scene of Meritage Wine Market!

It rhymes with heritage…

I’ll once again be at the vino-slinging helm, operating the establishment under the ownership of two locally-connected wine industry veterans: Dustin Cano and Dave Wiegel, proprietors of the longstanding and highly regarded Meritage Wine Market in Encinitas, down San Diego way. Who wouldn’t want an additional store up the coast in beautiful Santa Barbara? I’m just glad to be part of the team!

Their fervor and experience will result in a vinous emporium filled with an enticing array, one that runs the gamut from superb values to collectible extravagances. Of course, there’ll be an abundance of wondrous selections from our own backyard.

We plan on unlocking the doors on March 3rd, with a grand opening scheduled for March 7th. Dave and Dustin will be here to greet all of the thirsty Santa Barbarians who make the trek over to the shop, and please stay tuned for a surprise or two that will certainly dazzle the palate as we march towards the big day.

We’ll be in touch periodically as the launch date gets closer. Thank you for your exceptional past support and we look forward to seeing you again shortly!

Bob Wesley, Dustin Cano and Dave Wiegel
Meritage Wine Market
18 West Anapamu Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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  1. Sheridan Whiteside says:

    You should run the aforementioned photo or delete the reference to it.

  2. Tim & Taryn says:

    Finally some good news in the world! And we’re thrilled you’ll be at helm, Bob (with some great partners too).

  3. ahs says:

    So excited to have Bob Wesley back!!

  4. Vickie Harvey says:

    Bob rocks with the wine! Glad he will be back.

  5. VT says:

    Has anyone ever heard the phrase”Throwing Good Money After Bad”