A year ago Mosaic Locale at 1131 State Street was created as a test pop-up with three local craft food and beverage companies into one unique shared community. Since then, Mosaic Locale has gone from a pop-up, a temporary business location, to a permanent shared space that they have upgraded and re-modeled.

Mosaic Locale will celebrate the unveiling of its remodeled shared space on Saturday, February 22 from 4-6pm, and with music and specials all weekend. Mosaic Locale opened  with Draughtsmen Aleworks, Hook & Press Donuts, and Buena Onda. These three separate, locally owned businesses share the space, and they also share a mindset of working together as a community and partners, which has allowed them to collaborate in ways that was not possible separately.

Draughtsmen Aleworks, provides locally made alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They locally brew craft beers in Goleta with a variety styles from pilsners, IPAs to a host of barrel-aged beers. This spring, they will also be serving wine from small batch local wine makers. If you are looking for a for a non-alcoholic beverage you will find locally brewed tea on tap from Teeccino, and Kombucha from WhaleBird, both local makers. Hook & Press Donuts, offers innovative specialty donuts, drinks and coffees. Buena Onda Empanadas offers authentic Argentinian empanadas and an expanded menu, as of the grand opening they will have provoleta asada, salads and various cheese and bread boards and various meat, cheese and vegan empanadas. “We look forward to providing some of Santa Barbara’s best locally made food and beverages.” said, Matias Requena Mackinlay, owner of Buena Onda.

Draughtsmen Aleworks, Hook & Press Donuts, and Buena Onda took over the space in November of 2019, and have worked to make upgrades gradually over the past year. Dan Ferrick Co-Founder of Kiva Cowork and Adam Geeb of SIMA got creative on how to use the old Pete’s Coffee space a few doors down from Kiva Cowork. “I thought a compilation of small retailers combined into one space might be an interesting idea where they could share the cost of the space and product offerings that work well together.” stated Ferrick. Through various connections Hook & Press, Buena Onda and Draughtsmen got together and with a little hard work, city navigation and landlord cooperation, Mosaic Locale was born.

A lot has changed in a year. Physically, the three businesses have worked to improve the space with adding lighting, seating and décor giving it a clean modern vibe that easily transitions from morning to night. “The support of SIMA, the property manager for the building, have helped to support our improvements and allowed us to slowly grow our businesses.” stated Scott Stefan, Draughtsmen’s Ombudsman.

“We all knew it would take some work to sort out the space and the relationships, but little by little we have been able to figure out how to work with each other to make our businesses much stronger together. Working together has given us leverage we would not have had being on our own. We have each gotten exposure and experiences and have learned a lot from each other.” commented Stefan.

“We share tips with one another and encourage one another.” stated John Burnett, Hook & Press owner. “We are fortunate because we all bring in different customers into Mosaic Locale and we are able to cross market our products to these different groups of people. It has been a huge success to be a part of this shared model of doing business.”
Mosaic has added weekly events to bring community together. Mondays are Game Nights with our neighbors from Metro Entertainment, around the corner on Anapamu. Beer & Bingo is on Wednesdays and House & Hops on Saturday evenings, with a rotating list of local DJ’s spinning it up for your Saturday pre-party. We are eager to stage events and community gatherings like Lotería evenings, corporate happy hours and not-for-profit events that will bring activity and excitement to the Arts and Theatre District. It has been exciting to share our space and ideas with each other to create something unique and special” expressed Tami Snow, Draughtsmen’s Storyteller.

Draughtmen Aleworks, Hook & Press, and Buena Onda will be celebrating the space that they call home on Saturday, February 22nd from 4-6pm. There will be music, food and specials to celebrate throughout the weekend.

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  1. Paige says:

    Whalebird Kombucha isn’t local. They are based out of SLO not SB! It’s a tad misleading when saying “local” in reference with all others noted in the article ARE SB/Goleta local. Just sayn!

    • The Restaurant Guy says:

      Thanks. I will forward your comments to the PR agent.

    • Denisse says:

      Splitting hairs a bit much? SLO is certainly close enough to be considered local considering where other kombucha companies are based….they share the same area code and it’s only a little over an hour away.