Readers Brendan, Kay Lee, Eric, and Mike report that Chicken in a Barrel BBQ at 5711 Calle Real in Goleta has closed. I visited the eatery when it opened in October 2018 and enjoyed a huge sampler platter of everything on the menu that took my family a week to finish. Chicken in a Barrel BBQ  in Goleta was an offshoot of the popular flagship location in Kauai. Owners Alex and Jennifer Vilera are from the tropical island and wanted to bring a taste of home with them to the Goodland. The original plan was to open in a rustic shack on Fairview Avenue a few doors south of Hollister but they were told they would have to widen the road, and add a turn lane, so plans fell through.

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  1. Janet conrad says:

    So sad and bummed. Loved, loved their chicken, ribs and tri tip.

  2. VT says:

    Never stood a chance. Way too expensive.

    • socalcitizen says:

      Way too expensive is right, half a chicken for $14. You can get a full fresh roasted organic chicken at Whole Foods for $9.

  3. Josh says:

    I’m bummed. The BBQ was good and my kids liked it, but we didn’t go very often. I lamented that they didn’t have fresh brewed iced tea, and their side dish offerings were a tad underwhelming. It was on the pricey side too. Still a good spot for the fam to go out for a meal.

  4. Steve says:

    Many times when I called to make an order, they didn’t answer the phone.