This just in from reader Yann:

“Restaurant Guy, Please tell us what happened to Tamira! All I got from their neighbors is that it was a very sudden closure. I will miss them so much. Remy and his crew cooked up hands down the best Indian food in town, no matter what the reader’s popularity poll said. I hope everyone at Tamira is OK, and that their business will be reborn if it is their wish…”

Yelp is also reporting the closure of the restaurant which was located at 1027 State Street. Tamira opened in October 2013.

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  1. Lucie says:

    I heard a few months back that the owner was selling the building. I asked Remmie about it and he insisted that they had a lease and were secure. I’m sorry to learn that it turned out this way. Fortunately, there’s Masala Spice in Goleta.

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