Reader Peter tells me that Due Lune at 1 State Street (gotta love that address) has closed. They opened in August 2018. The Italian eatery was the sister restaurant to Tres Lune in Montecito and was brought to you by the Montesano Group which also includes Lucky’s Steakhouse, Joe’s Café, and D’Angelo Bakery.

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5 Responses to DUE LUNE CLOSES

  1. Katie says:

    That’s too bad, we went there for a birthday dinner and everyone loved the food they got/ had great service. Interested to see what fills the space next!

  2. Peter says:

    This location, if changed to an “open concept” design, would in my view, flourish. By an open design, I mean have large sliding, or disappearing type window panels similar to Brophy Brothers. Locate the bar making it visible from the seat. Serve uncomplicated (think Crab Cooker in Newport Beach) with lots of curb appeal. The past two concepts, Eladios and Due Lune resembled retirement community type restaurant venues.

  3. auggie says:

    i dont think people realize that the hotel the harbor view inn owns that restaurant and they have very strict rules as to how things happen there they dont want a bar scene due to the fact it will affect the guests that stay in the rooms above the patio and that kitchen must supply all room service for the hotel guests

  4. Gary says:

    Difficult parking and the place sucked to boot, imo. The service mostly blew and the “high end” people who worked there were too cool for the customers in the two times I dined there. Good riddance.

    As for a bar scene at that location, lmfao, good luck with getting any type of regular bar clientele or “night life”.

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