Last week I posted a message from the owners of Brasil Arts Cafe at 1230C State Street letting you know that they were closing within a week. Fortunately there was a last minute reprieve and I received this update:

“ll be the first to tell you that miracles do happen. And one just happened. I’ll save the long details for later but in short, our landlord doesn’t want us to close.

We recently asked for a rent reduction which was denied about 1 1/2 weeks ago. After much thought out deliberation between the 2 of us we decided it’s impossible to go on considering the high cost of just about everything in this location. So we made that really hard, really relieving decision last week to close.

We feel many things right now but mainly we feel all the love and support times a million from everyone’s sweet messages to seeing you eating at the café everyday since this all went down.

To keep it all going there will be restructuring, meaning the possibility of co operating with other businesses. So if you yourself or you know someone that would be a good fit please send them our way. We are so open to ideas and changes!

Lastly please continue to support us! We need you to come eat here! We will be planning a Holiday Showcase fundraiser to show off all the beauty that BAC offers please be on the look out. Again!!!!! Friends and family we love you dearly and sincerely sit in the most humbled way. What a miraculous event this has all been!

#humbled #miraclesdohappen #wtf #tearsofjoy #change

We would be so grateful to you if you could post this and also if you could emphasize that we are opening up our space to co operate with other businesses.

Jenn and Daniel”

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  1. DanielH says:

    Wow! I really hope this isn’t just a temporary reprieve. Nice people at this place. I am more motivated than ever to come by and give these great people my business!