This just in from owner Bob Wesley:

Dear readers:

There’s a broad array of tasty vino on the planet, and we’ve been pleased to introduce you to an abundance of our favorites over the last two and a half years, however, if you missed our initial announcement on Black Friday, please note that Savoy Wines will be closing, with the new final day of operations being Saturday, December 14th.

In order to exit with our faithful clientele’s satisfaction as the top priority, please note the following:

  • Until we close the doors, we’re offering 15% off of the purchase of any domestic wine in the store and 20% off on imports. That’s for every bottle except for a tiny handful of collectibles. There’s no need to buy six bottles to receive the discount, though we certainly encourage that many and more.
  • For those with wine that has yet to be picked up, including clubs and email/phone orders , we want to ensure that we transfer all product into your safekeeping. We request that all orders be picked up by December 14th, 2019. You’ll surely need vino for the upcoming holidays, so the timing is right!
  • To those of you with unredeemed gift cards , please note that they will need to be used by December 14th, 2019 and can only be utilized for in-store merchandise. It’s the perfect season to finalize your Christmas gift list and zero out any remaining balances.

Our regular hours will continue next week: Tuesday through Saturday from 11 AM to 7 PM, on Monday from noon to 4 PM, so please stop by when convenient and to resupply for the upcoming seasonal celebrations.

Thank you all for your support!
Bob, Victoria, Paul and Kathy

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  1. Tom says:

    Not surprising that they are closing. No brick and mortar local wine store can compete with grocer and discount operations like Costco, TJ’s, Whole Foods, Lazy Acres/Bristol Farms, and BevMo, or heavily funded discount on-line sources. Ill-conceived idea from the start, and the owner/backer should have known better, especially with the manager’s history who operated this place.

  2. VT says:

    You are spot on Tom. There is a huge glut of available wine in retail. CVS also has a large wine selection, go figure. Occasionally, even I will enjoy a Parker 98 rated wine. But I, like most cost conscious wine consumers, are consuming wines week in and week out, that are less than say, $18 a bottle.
    Good luck Bob. Maybe shoulda stayed at Lazy Acres…

  3. Joan haber says:

    Very, contain your hostile remarks about Bob. He is an excellent wine merchant,a master of the written word and just trying to survive in these treacherous retail times. What the hell do you do?.

    • El Guapo says:

      I miss Bob’s original Wine Hound on Chapala, seems like it lost some of the luster when he moved up to La Cumbre. Both locations were always well stocked and friendly, there was just something better about his original spot, a little more character to that building than the boxy in-line retail space.

      • Gary says:

        I’m a big fan of Bob’s too — he’s always been very knowledgeable and helpful with me. I’m bummed (for me and for him) that he’s had to close down, especially since it’s just a couple of weeks before the holidays.I wish him good luck in 2020 — I’m sure he’ll bounce back, as he has done before.

    • VT says:

      Nothing hostile about my post. I to like Bob and have known him for 16+ years.

  4. Laurie says:

    Another huge fan of Bob’s here. I am bummed as Gary said. We have tried so many delicious wines that we’d not have tried if not for Bob’s wine clubs. I will miss his hilarious and educational descriptions of the monthly club wines. His pairings with food were spot on, too.

  5. Katy Zappala says:

    It’s very sad the Savoy Wine shop is closing. I’ve followed Bob Wesley from Lazy Acres, to the Winehound and now the Savoy. I love his witty and knowledgeable write-ups for the club wines, and always enjoy talking to him when I visit the shop. Best wishes to him and his staff!!